Friday, November 19, 2010


The drop in temps, along with a dusting of snow, brings out the endless capacity for play that dwells in these three, and takes it to a whole new level. :-)

The interesting thing is that it's not the youngest, but the oldest who usually initiates..As he enters his 9th winter, Mick's Puppy Racing rivals anything that Chase has shown us so far. And the others are more than happy to join him!

Even ever changing "Frankenpup", new to the whole winter thing, was game to jump in with the big boyz in their play this morning :-)

I'm not exactly sure when I lost my child-like, magical love of snow and winter, but I can certainly tell you the day some eight years ago when I got it back :-)... These guys have a way of bringing you into their realm...

Winter days are the most precious in our memories, filled with skijoring, snowshoeing and just running in the snow!


  1. It is a bit contagious, dogs playing in the snow! It does add to my winter experiece as well. I'm going to try snoeshoeing with the boys this year, should be fun!

  2. THe dogs playing in the snow is the ONLY thing I like about the cold.snow...oh and I do enjoy the look of it when it is fresh fallen....but that lasts about hour before people and cars muck it included as I do like to be the first to make tracks in it:-). I swear you would never know I grew up in Chicago the way I am a winter wimp now....I guess the old saying of do what the natives do applies...and the natives in MD/DC FREAK with a bit of snow:-).

  3. Dianna: We LOVE snowshoeing! It's really the only way to get around my property once the snow builds up... The boyz bounce their way through :-).

    Sheila: ...When in Rome.... :-)...