Friday, November 12, 2010

Power of love

Although none of the boyz is certified for therapy, they seem to know what to do in that area, as they had their first unofficial group therapy visit yesterday.

We stopped in to the Pet food store in town, and as usual, one or two of the boyz gets to go in with me. Today was Chase's turn. He calmly trotted into the store and located the treat bin where then sat and looked expectantly :-). Good boy!

When we were walking back to the vehicle, I could see three bikers standing on the corner, leaning on their motorcyles. These guys were hardcore -- full leathers, colours, the whole nine yards...Now I'm not one to judge a book by it's cover, but I have to admit, these guys were intimidating. I did a quick look around and there were lots of folks close by so I just kept heading to the vehicle.

The bikers all turned their heads as I approached the Santa Fe, and then one starting walking with determination towards us. Chase, who hasn't met anyone who wasn't a friend, was doing his best to get closer to the approaching visitor... Then something very special happened...

As he approached, the biker said, "That's a bearded collie!" and knelt right down in the parking lot to let Chase work his magic with a good mugging. Well, for one thing, not many people can identify a beardie puppy, and secondly, his demeanor completely changed as he lost himself in the puppy kisses! This big rough, tough looking guy looked like a little boy playing with Chase.

The gentle, loving expression on this guy's face was heartwarming.... I tried not to notice the tears that dampened his face as I opened the back hatch of the Santa Fe and presented Mick and Bryce in their crates... With one hand on Chase, he leaned forward and let the other boyz kiss and nuzzle him through their crates. We chatted about some of the activities the boyz and I do together and he seemed to not be able to get enough of them.

Beaming, he turned to thank me, and told me that he'd grown up with a beardie, rescued from the Humane Society and never got over losing her at 16 yrs...Life changed for him after that, and he acknowledged that his lifestyle now wouldn't be fair to a dog, but he missed having one in his life..

We said our good byes, and I went away with two thoughts... Everyone has a story, and it's worth the time sometimes to hear it, and secondly, never underestimate the lasting power of love between humans and the doGs that own them.


  1. What a touching story... the power of our furry friends crosses all boundaries...