Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Bryce!!

Six years ago today I got the word that Bryce and his sisters had arrived.... 6 girls... and ONE BROWN boy! And what a brown boy he turned out to be :-).
Bryce squeezes as much action out of every day as possible. My hyper-vigilant little house monitor doesn't miss a thing. Everything has a place and he spends his day making sure all is as it should be... Ensuring that I'm constantly on his radar is also a priority...I'm quite sure that I've never drawn a breath in his presence of which he wasn't fully aware :-).
Intense, impatient, loving and loyal. If there were titles given for loyalty, this boy would surely have his championship... I gained not only another partner, but also a second shadow when Bryce came into my life! My 55lb lap dog is never far, except when rushing to greet a friend with that trademark full-body wiggle :-)...And nothing will keep him from his target... not doors, crates or x-pens... All have failed to contain this boy from his mission as my personal guardian.
My go-everywhere, do-everything boy who adores his peeps. Always up for an adventure and quite happy to tell the world all about it as he goes ;-). He is "of good voice" as they say... :-)
As much as he's a love, Brycie's is all business when there's a job at hand, and doesn't  to disappoint... An easy partner in everything we tackle...Agility, Rally, hiking, tricks...
Happy Birthday my Honey Boy!