Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The power of intention

Well, I've made the committment to fill the foundation holes in Bryce and Mick's agility training before we move much further along with any goals for competition. My intention is to continue to gather as much information as I can and then apply it in the context of each of the boyz. This information comes from seminars, expert eyes in training sessions, and feedback from video training sessions.

Training with both boyz is a big part of our lives.... It's such a joy as they're highly motivated just playing the game itself -- it's completely infectious! So what I need to do now is focus less on the outcomes and examine the actual experience from their perspective.

Bryce, for the most part, has a fairly good set of foundation skills, and learns extremely quickly! He's a hard worker and such a wonderful mixture of sugar and spice :-). So wouldn't it be nice if we could both relax and feel confident going in to the ring at a trial? These are the things that are preventing that from happening:
  1. Confident, independent weave poles.

  2. Solid obstacle recognition.
  3. Performing at a distance.
Mick likes to make sure things are going to be fun. He'll invent the fun if I don't keep things rolling. The environment can be overwhelming for him at times, but he can operate on "auto pilot" long enough at a trial to relax and enjoy the game. At seven years, he's had a LOT of experience rehearsing behaviours that are detrimental to moving forward.... Of course he's had a LOT of help in that respect from me :-). So here's the laundry list of items that I would like to change to help us "team up" and maybe achieve our potential (whatever that is):
  1. Staying clear about what teamwork means in the ring and at practice.

  2. Reinforcing consistent contact behaviour.

  3. Confident, independent weave poles.
It's not going to happen overnight, but I'm hoping that recording our progress will help keep the human half of the team honest :-).Away we go!

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