Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 1: Weaves, Table and Obedience

Criteria for the session: Fast, independent weaves with Bryce driving for the poles from different entry angles.
Enironment: 5 degrees, Sunny
Time: 4:30 p.m. Came home from work, played some ball/frisbee with both boyz, then started immediately while they're still pretty amped.
Reminders: At no time will I engage in a verbal battle. I will stand my ground and offer the cue.

The first session started with running off side weaves from a 90 degree jump entry.

Observations: I'm pretty sedate compared to what he sees at a trial. I think I need to push harder and build up to running faster to simulate MY behaviour at a trial. I suppose I wanted him to succeed after such a step backwards at the last trial :-).

In the second session, I introduced a second jump and a rear cross before the weaves. I also briefly worked Mick on the table as he's not ready for 12 weaves and I didn't have the second set of 6 in the yard at this point.

Observations: What the heck was that with Bryce shooting out in front of Mick!? The rules are that when one is working, the other is in a down out of the way, in their spot. Hmmm... Looks like I was too focussed on the working dog and I need to either take a session or two and rework the down of the non-working dog or put them up. I was also facing the table when I sent him-- should remember to turn to avoid confrontation.

The rear cross threw Bryce, but not enough for him to bail and not finish the job! We need to increase this, as this is a skill I want to have in my pocket :-). Again, I need to jazz it up a bit to push and not worry about mistakes. I think I'll move back to 6 poles for this in the next session.

The last session was just a quick obedience session with Mick. It reminded me just how much he LOVES obedience. I suspect it's because the rules are clear. This was the first outdoor practice with no snow and the distractions are HUGE :-). I'll move to the obedience yard and work them separately tonight :-)

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