Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Chase!

In some ways it doesn't seem like a year at all, yet I also can't remember life without this little man :-).
There are many faces to this special boy, and it's been fascinating watching them all introduce themselves over the past year... There's Mensa Chase... this is the curious, thoughtful boy boy who audits every new experience ...Every molecule in his world is examined from all angles before being processed and then sent along to Judge Chase...Mensa Chase also provides the know-how and dexterity to by-pass any door, fence, x-pen, crate and lately, a set of boots! :-)
Judge Chase determines whether this experience is good or bad, whether it requires further processing, or can be passed along to Mardi Gras Chase... :-). There is no arguing with the judge. You will be found in contempt and dismissed. Much better to make the judge feel your way is actually his idea ;-).

MG Chase is the boy who brings his own party wherever he goes :-)...A wildly infectious sense of humour, easy going inclusive nature, and joyful essence that draws everyone in and makes them glad they were invited to the party. :-)... Worships the other two boyz, loves training new tricks, and more than anything wants to please :-)... Still confuses kisses with nibbles which are delivered straight from his heart to anyone who allows.

Put them all together and he's clever, athletic, strong and loves to work whether it's following me around doing yard work, romping through the bush clearing paths, or doing agility and obedience.  Can't wait to see what the next year brings!

Happy Birthday Chay Chay!!


  1. Big woofs, bounces, and nose kisses from the beardies3 and me.

  2. Chase says "Thanks!!" :-) Hugs to you and the girls :-).

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